Outdoor Provision

Just like our indoor environment our outdoor areas has lots of different areas for the children to explore. Whilst allowing the children opportunities to let off steam, use their imagination and develop new skills such as riding a bike, negotiating spaces or creating using large materials. Our outdoor provision allows us to bring messy and creative activities outdoors too.

Sand & Water Areas

We have a large sit in sand pit for the children to build sandcastles or use the large construction vehicles to scoop up the sand.

Mud Kitchen

Our mud kitchen lets the children create potions or wonderful mud pies.

Outdoor Classroom

Our outdoor classroom allows us a place to work with small groups of children, for children to be able to sit and create without their pictures blowing away.

Messy Play Areas

Offers children the opportunities to express themselves creatively.

Quiet Area

A place to sit and relax with friends or look at books together.

Constructive Areas

Our constructive areas allow children to create using a range of different objects from tyres, pipes and wood to large blocks and materials.

Physical Area

Offers opportunities to climb, balance and develop gross motor skills

Thinking of joining Sidemoor Pre-School?

Walk-in visits are welcome at anytime during our sessions. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly admissions team to discuss your child starting with us…