Aims & objectives

These are to provide a safe and pleasant learning environment which stimulates the child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, creative, personal and social development.

Encourage a positive self-image and personal confidence within the guidelines of equal opportunities.

Prepare children for early educational years following the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Liaise with and support parents and professionals as essential partners with the pre-school in achieving the above aims.

Promote a healthy lifestyle for all children in the group through healthy eating and health related exercise.  We are accredited with a Healthy Setting Bronze Award.

Our planning for pre-school children is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage that children follow to the end of reception year leading to Key Stage 1.

Prime areas


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

  • Making relationships

  • Self confidence & self awareness

  • Managing feelings & behaviour

Communication and Language

  • Listening & attention

  • Understanding

  • Speaking

Physical Development

  • Moving & handling

  • Health & self-care

Specific areas



  • Reading

  • Writing


  • Numbers

  • Shape, space & measure

Understanding the World

  • People & communities

  • The World

  • Technology

Expressive arts and design

  • Exploring & using media & materials

  • Being imaginative