About Sidemoor Pre-School, Bromsgrove

Our pre-school, like most other pre-schools in the area, is a community group. Each parent is a member, which means that you, the parents, own the pre-school.

Any organisation needs a representative group to ensure smooth running. So each year, in October at the Annual General Meeting, parents elect a Committee. They are your representatives and for the following 12 months their job is to manage the various aspects of administration that are necessary for the group to operate.

The Committee also, on your behalf, employs staff who are responsible for the pre-school sessions and providing the curriculum and care for your child. The staff are the people you get to know best of course, because they are the ones you always see when you come into the group – but they are only part of the whole system.

Pre-schools are inspected by Ofsted who check the quality and provision provided by the staff. This is done every 2-4 years and a report is written for staff and parents. The pre-school have received good OFSTED reports and have obtained a Gold Award in Quality Assurance. We have also obtained a Healthy Setting Bronze Award.

All our staff are trained in quality care for the provision of pre-school children through various courses i.e. NVQ 3 and 4, early years foundation degree, Paediatric First Aid and many Early Years Foundation Stage training courses.

The adult/child ratio is 1-4 for 2-3 year olds and 1-5 for 3 years and over.

Each child will have its own key person who will cater for you and your child’s needs and keep records throughout your child’s time at pre-school.

We accept children with special needs and integrate them within the group and can provide special support assistants whenever possible. Equipment and resources will be provided, if financially viable, to ensure equal opportunities at all times. We work alongside parents and professionals to produce Individual Educational Plans which are reviewed on a regular basis.

Holiday breaks are the same as local schools.

Our garden is a great play and learning environment, we not only have a wide variety of outdoor toys and resources for the children to play with, but we also do various activities including gardening, growing vegetables and learning about the seasons.

The year before your child starts school they will join the Rising 5’s group, this includes many different activities which help your child become independent and prepare them for when they start school i.e. PE (including changing into PE kit), listening groups, games and various topics.