Diary Dates

September 2021-July 2022

Autumn Term

Tuesday 7th Sept to Fri 22nd Oct 2021
(Closed Half term – Mon 25th Oct to Mon 1st Nov incl)
Tues 2nd Nov to Fri 17th Dec 2021

Spring Term

Monday 3rd Jan Bank Holiday (1 day only)

Re-open Tue 4th Jan to Fri 18th Feb 2022
(Closed Half term – Mon 21st to Fri 25th Feb incl)
Mon 28th Feb to Fri 8th April 2022

Summer Term

Mon 25th April to Fri 27th May

May Bank Holiday 2nd May 2022 (1 day only)

(Half term -Mon 30th May to Mon 6th June incl)

Tues 7th June to Thurs 22nd July 2022